Aishna Shah, Volunteer


Aishna’s interest in global development issues dates back to her childhood where her upbringing and education have exposed her to a variety of development-related issues such as poverty, the empowerment of women, gender development, refugees, environment and education. She is interested in playing an active role in addressing development-related issues and has been involved in a number of activities in this regard.

From a young age, Aishna has worked with multiple NGOs, advocating for the provision of education to children in Southern India, the protection of abandoned and orphaned children in Kolkata, and supporting the development of a school for the blind.

At 15, Aishna wrote a booklet on Women’s Economic Empowerment and grew as a female activist. She has also had first-hand experience with development organisations, such as the United Nations. Most recently, she has co-founded the Friends of Heshima Kenya Association and will soon serve as the Youth Ambassador for the Association.

Aishna is in the process of completing an IB diploma, and will be starting her university studies in 2018.