Ashish Shah, President of the Friends of Heshima Kenya Association


Dr. Ashish Shah is based in Geneva and is a development professional who has worked in a number of UN organizations over the last 25 years. During his years with the UN he has worked with micro and small enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, with cooperatives and self-help groups, with women entrepreneurs, with policy makers and with institutions which support business. He is a strong believer in grass-roots oriented economic empowerment, particularly for women. He has been with the International Labour Organization, with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and is currently working with the International Trade Centre, a UN agency dedicated to promoting trade in developing countries. Dr. Shah currently serves as Director, Division of Country Programmes.

Dr. Shah has been leading project design, project management and resource mobilization efforts over the last 20 years and has interacted with senior officials, Ministers and Heads of State at policy level.    

Dr. Shah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Cooperative Economics and a PhD in Economics. He speaks of seven languages. Most recently, he has co-founded the Friends of Heshima Kenya Association.