Grants & Research Intern (Chicago)

Heshima Kenya is a non-profit headquartered in Chicago that works to protect and empower unaccompanied refugee young women and girls, including their children, who have been displaced by war and are living alone in Nairobi, Kenya.

INTERNSHIP DATES: Fall & Winter 2017 - 2018 (flexible)

SCHEDULE: 12 - 15 hours a week

WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: This internship would be great for anyone with data analysis experience or for anyone who is familiar with the Salesforce or a similar Customer Relationship Management (CSR) system. Side project will include some traditional grant writing internship tasks such as editing, researching potential new opportunities, and preparing the components required to submit a proposal. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: The intern will work closely with the Grants Manager. This will be different than a traditional grant writing internship, as we have recently received a service grant through a foundation to implement Salesforce in the organization. This internship will be less grant writing and more data focused. The Grants Manager oversees the relationship with the foundation and will be supporting the foundation consultants with the project over the next few months. This internship will be focusing more closely on data and how it works for our organization as well as data cleanup, entry, and analysis.

Because we work closely with the Nairobi office, there is an 8-hour time difference in regards to communication. The intern would be responsible for working with the Grants Manager to ensure that we receive the appropriate data and information that we need to implement and migrate over to Salesforce. Because the organization has captured data since 2008, we have a lot of data from different sources (excel, word, separate databases) capturing similar information ranging from the demographics of each beneficiary to what level of schooling they are currently in at the Girls’ Empowerment Project, to their involvement with the Maisha Collective and plans for resettlement. 


  • Bachelor's Degree, Master's degree, or Master's degree candidate
  • Strong research background
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills, including the ability to write for a variety of audiences and to write effectively to meet multiple deadlines
  • Exceptional attention to detail and project management skills and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and projects 
  • Ability to independently prioritize and plan work activities, use time efficiently, plan for additional resources, and develop realistic action plans
  • Knowledge of and interest in human rights, international development, rights of women and girls, and refugee rights
  • Demonstrated quick learner with the ability to use own resources and talents to acquire new skills
  • Experience with project management and ownership
  • Working knowledge of Internet research techniques
  • Candidates with experience in grant writing, development, research and/or advocacy will be prioritized