Angelina Jolie Celebrates With Heshima Kenya!


On World Refugee Day, Heshima Kenya was chosen to host UNHCR Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie. She traveled to our Nairobi campus and met with the girls, attended a fashion show, and danced her heart out in one of our scarves! 

Angelina took the time to speak one-one-one with our Heshima girls who shared their stories of survival and healing. Angelina visited our Safe House and toured our Girls' Empowerment Project campus, including a visit to our daycare and nursery. In her words,

"My only ask is that people consider the pain and suffering of young girls like these. Not only have they had to flee extreme violence or persecution, lost everything and witnessed the death of family members, but they have also had to face so much abuse and intolerance and hardship. It was an honor to spend the day with them." 

Angelina, we are grateful for this historic visit and honored that you chose to spend the day with us.